Hello welcome to my portfolio, I am a London based game developer who specialises in creating games with Unity (C#) and HTML5 (JavaScript). I previously worked extensively with Flash.

I am currently a senior game developer & Head of (HTML5/Flash) Technology at Playerthree and have 11 years industry experience. I started my career at Fifth Dimension where I created interactive CD-ROM’s; from children’s games to educational software. I later moved on to Bloc Media where I got to work on a vast array of projects including mini-games, micro-sites, animations, banners and viral videos. After Bloc Media I joined Playerthree where I have been able to focus and specialise my skills on game development.

I have worked with many big brands including BBC, British Science Museum, Cartoon Network, Coca-Cola, Channel 4, Electronic Arts, EMI, ITV, Open University, Samsung, Sega, Sony Entertainment and several projects have gone on to win awards.

I studied MediaLab Arts at Plymouth University which was a hybrid course combining art with technology. During the degree I created all sorts of projects from digital art installations to bluetooth mobile games. I was also part of a the small team that went of to win the ‘Best in Show’ award at the South West ‘Submerge’ graduate design show in Bristol.

I enjoy all aspects of game development, from conception to completion. Working at small independent companies often means my role not only involves game development but also the game design.

I have always been very passionate about games and technology. At an early age I remember the excitement I got from playing games all night on my friends Amiga and the days spent waiting for the latest mail order game to arrive for my Spectrum. I am very grateful that I get to build games on a day to day basis and love what I do.

CV: Link
Please feel free to contact me at adam@aholla.co.uk